Thursday, September 20, 2007


I finally put my rare Bowie album up on eBay last night. A Dutch person has sent me an email, on another item I'm selling, cleverly. Meaning the news of his message doesn't get seen by all the other potential bidders. He offered £185 for it if I sell it to him now. I refused as I want the fun of watching the bidding. Then he wrote again saying his best offer is £200 and he'll give me 10 hours to think about it. Blimey oh. I am suddenly in my own game of Deal or No Deal.

No news from agent, except a little message about opening the attachments, so I know it's being read, like, right now.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Good luck, Amanda - hope they like the novel!



debj1 said...

If he wants it he'll bid for it! Don't believe that "10 hours to make up your mind rubbish! You're doing the right thing in holding out." xo DMcD