Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Conf 616: Ebooks, going in


The website and test title is up. Getting there with the actual book now. There's so, so much more to think about than just the words - font style, font size, spacing, page layout, stills, covers. Covers!

Thought I'd cracked it with Amazon's free online publishing tool Create Space which offers free cover templates as well as a marketplace but that's for hard copy books. If you're thinking of self-publishing books, music or video, worth a look. The samples don't look great but they've just announced a competition Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Fairly sure it's free to enter. There are two prizes, one for General Fiction one for Young Adult fiction, both Penguin publishing deals with $15,000 advances.

Spent an age on Google trying to find a good ebook cover template site. After seeing American author, Writing Spirit's tweet of her latest cover, all very professional-looking and done in Word, I found my way. It's knowing where to click inside all the graphicy bits. I'm enjoying all the visuals side a bit too much, have to discipline myself to get the words edited and proof read. To stand any chance of picking up the link from the press it has to be up there within a week on the outside. I must get confirmation from my agent she's happy for me to do this as well.

Happy New Year to you, thanks for staying with me all this time, and please come again soon.

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rockmother said...

Good luck with it all - can't wait to see it once all up and running x