Tuesday, April 01, 2014

On Writing - By Joanna Trollope

I love this Decca Aitkenhead interview with Joanna Trollope (last week's Guardian). I loved her, too, with Mark Lawson on TV a week or so ago.  I confess I haven't read any of her books. I am a new fan. I wish there were more serious, in-depth interviews with contemporary women's fiction authors:

"Were Trollope a young woman today, however, she's not sure that she would become a writer. "That's a very good question. I think it's 10 times harder now, because you see, when I started it wasn't a sexy profession at all. It was a rather dusty thing you did by yourself, and nobody took it seriously. I remember people would ring up and say, 'I'm going to come round for coffee,' and I'd say, 'Well, no, actually I'm writing,' and they said, 'Oh that's fine, I'll only be 10 minutes,' you know. Now people are always saying to me, 'I'm writing my novel.' "But I think it's incredibly hard now....." Read on..

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Susie Kelly said...

I've read most of her books, and thoroughly enjoyed them. She gave a talk once when I lived in Gloucestershire and came across so well. Fabulous voice. She also writes historical novels under the name of Caroline Harvey. She seems to have it all - looks, happiness and success. More power to her pen (I love that she writes by hand!)